“Lupita’s Revenge” is our brand new, 45-minute shadow-puppet play created by an alliance of musicians and visual artists from Athens, GA. The vengeance play features a live soundtrack of Latin American classics. Currently booking 2018 shows for museums, galleries, universities, and house parties.
There are some adult themes of vengeance and one mild decapitation, but it's all very tame and artistic. If your child can disembowel gladiators with a meat-hook during endless hours of glazed video game fun ... then your kid will probably think that we are downright quaint! 

Written and Directed by
Abel Klainbaum

Visuals by
Phil Jasen 
Anthony Gaskins
Abel Klainbaum

Music by
Megan Cole, vocals/ukulele 
Keiko Ishibashi, violin
Elijah Neesmith, bass 
Jeremy Raj, guitar
Abel Klainbaum, accordion

Phil Jasen
Anthony Gaskins
Laura Maria Ramirez

Crankie screen by: mattz
Horse trainer: Louis Silverman 
Produced by: Abel Klainbaum

Special thanks: Emily Spadoni, Jason Huffer, John Dye
We are creating an intimate atmosphere with live music and imagery, currently performing for audiences of about 100. There are no amps or gear, just a couple light sources for the puppetry and five acoustic musicians surrounding the audience with our custom built screen.

Mending fences/Assembling puns: Anthony during production
(June 2017)
Live shadow puppetry with 5-piece band. Photo: S. Klainbaum
Working out moves for the breakdancing scene.