Here is a pathetic weed (bottom right) at the edge of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Barely showing signs of life, this pathetic weed is at home with all these lifeless rocks.
PHOTO TIP: To draw the eye to small objects, use a wide aperture to isolate the subject. Bryce Canyon.
An heroic attempt, although probably short-lived.
PRO PHOTO EXCERCISE: How much pathetic can you fit into one frame? (Think texture, color, composition).
I completely forgot what I was doing face-down in the dirt when I looked up and saw these losers.
This is not a weed but some species of animal. ANIMAL PRO PHOTO TIP: Here I pretended that I was taking photos of the shrub in front of it, to not arouse suspicion.
And that's it! Just remember that composition, color/contrast, light, and shallow depth-of-field can all be used to highlight the subjects that you want to draw the eye to. 
One-of-a-kind coffee table book for your collection. Quality paper, with coaster from the thrift store glued to the hand-decorated cover.

15 glossy pages of the most pathetic weeds know to man. Each cover different from the one pictured here.

A set of three, quarter-sized inspirational posters. Printed at the local pharmacy and guaranteed to fade within a couple of years, perfect for temporary inspiration.

Featuring famous quotes from Aztec leaders fromthe days when they lived in the canyons. (Note: These posters are the size of postcards)

$5. Set of three
(Abel Klainbaum is a professional photographer/documentarian/ sculptor and waffle chef based out of Athens, GA). 
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